Men's White Double Cuff Shirt

Men's White Double Cuff Shirt

  • Soft stretch fabric for all day comfort
  • Sculpted semi-cutaway collar
  • Triple pleated sleeve for luxurious styling
  • Finely detailed double cuff

* Cufflinks not included

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About the shirt

  • Triple pleated cuff for luxurious volume

  • Curved yoke and two-part sleeves for added shape and all day comfort

  • Longer back stays tucked in all day

About the fit

This shirt has a naturally draped tailored fit. It can be worn formally or is equally at home worn as a comfortable casual weekend shirt. 

The cut creates a styled classic look which suits a wide range of body types and the soft stretch material adds interest and high levels of comfort.

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About the fabric

  • Versatile white herringbone fabric

  • Soft stretch with structure for all day comfort and style

  • Natural cotton with 3% elastane, stretch and structured, natural feel

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