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51 Murrayfields
Newcastle upon Tyne, England, NE27 0RD
United Kingdom

0191 645 9988

Welcome To Hasso Fashion. Our Cufflinks Are Made From Bike Chain And Inlaid With Gems. Our Ergonomic Shirts Have Incredible Movement And Are Made From A Bespoke Material. Shop Now.

Hasso Luxury Men's Double Cuff and Single Cuff Stretch Shirts

Shop Hasso men's shirts. In single and double cuff. Amazing feel and fit with our bespoke herringbone stretch material and unique features. A shirt you can cycle in!

Slim Fit Iris Poplin Stretch Double Cuff Shirt

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Slim Fit Iris Poplin Stretch Double Cuff Shirt


Mens slim fit double cuff shirt. Stretch fabric 97% cotton, 3% lycra.

  • Double cuff shirt

  • Sculpted cutaway collar

  • Excellent fit for more comfortable urban commuting by bike, train, car or bus.

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About the shirt

  • Double pleated placket for a smooth sleeve style
  • Curved yoke and two-part sleeves for added shape and all day comfort
  • Longer back stays tucked in all day

About the fabric

  • Poplin stretch in iris
  • High quality feel 
  • 97% cotton, 3% elastane
  • Very smooth to the touch