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51 Murrayfields
Newcastle upon Tyne, England, NE27 0RD
United Kingdom

0191 645 9988

Welcome To Hasso Fashion. Our Cufflinks Are Made From Bike Chain And Inlaid With Gems. Our Ergonomic Shirts Have Incredible Movement And Are Made From A Bespoke Material. Shop Now.

Our story

The story of Hasso Fashion. Read about our history and why we choose to work to our own rules when designing shirts and cufflinks.

About Hasso

Hasso Fashion has a simple message: 
The rules are made for others. 

Our message comes from a desire to see things differently. To embrace the traditional, understand the purpose of designs, and to continually improve them to better suit modern life. 
It works because the approach creates new simplicities. It works because it is relevant.

Hasso is a statement of innovation, for all ages, genders, and nationalities. We put our energy into giving you the best experience whenever you wear our clothes and accessories, helping you to express yourself, look good, and create connections.

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The Inspiration…

I first visited Hasso and Sons on Radshid Street, Baghdad when I was 5. I fell in love with the shop. Its glass cabinets, which I have fond memories polishing in a never-ending battle against the infinite dust of the souk, held the finest silk ties, Italian leather belts, mercerized cotton socks and Swiss watches. But for all the gleam and sheen the cabinets displayed, the suits in the shop were the main event. Imported from Swizerland and Italy by my grandfather, spoken about and sold with pride by him and his brothers, it was the suits that continued to excite me with their exclusivity and perfect shape: solid yet subtle.

I returned to Baghdad several times, each time understanding more about the merchandise and the strength the shop gave to its patrons and to my family. And although the people of Iraq continue to experience horrific turmoil, the memories of the shop survive in our family and in the shop’s many customers, almost all of whom are now displaced.

Hasso today draws on those inspirations and memories to provide an asset of solidity and cohesion through fashion and tradition. I chose to revitalise and renew the Hasso brand, not least because of the influence it has had on my life, but also because I believe the journey is not yet complete; a humble act to show that memories withstand madness.

Thanks for reading,
Matt Henderson

Hasso Fashion Ltd