Hasso Fashion makes luxury cycling clothes and jewellery. 

We want to increase access to cycling as a means of daily travel for professionals.

We want to see cycling become a lifestyle choice in the UK; a part of how you live and travel every day.

We need safer cycling routes, supportive employers and new ways to celebrate our cycling. We need to think about how we dress, choosing clothes appropriate for our lifestyle.

Because the easiest changes we make are the smallest ones, our commuting shirts are made from bespoke natural-feeling, stretch material, which is cut for a more comfortable cycling fit. This is a shirt to wear to work that becomes part of your lifestyle. 

bike chain cufflinks and double cuff shirts.jpg

Celebrating our cycling means talking about it with friends, gifting special items associated with a shared lifestyle. 

The more meaningful these celebrations and gifts are, the more we feel encouraged and nurtured in our lifestyle. 

Our jewellery treats bike chain to a high-end luxury make-over. We use real bicycle chain, precious metals and gemstones to create earrings, cufflinks and necklaces for cyclists.