Silver Bike Chain Cufflinks with Moonstone

Silver Bike Chain Cufflinks with Moonstone

  • Faceted moonstones look unusual and captivating

  • Made in the UK from real bike chain

  • Plated in silver and rhodium for fuss-free care

Silver cufflinks set with high quality faceted moonstones. They are handmade from real bike chain, and plated with silver and a protective layer of rhodium which will never tarnish.

Moonstone’s marbled white and blue lustre is ideal for a subtle and intriguing look. Paired with these highly polished silver bike chains, the cufflinks are unique gift for cyclists.

Enjoy the adularescence of perfectly set moonstones as its playful illusion of movement changes with the movement of your cuff.

We match all our gemstones by hand so you can be sure that your moonstones will share a similar character, making for a well balanced and unique pair of cufflinks.

Moonstone is June’s birthstone. Read our June birthstone blog post here to learn more.

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