Silver Bike Chain Cufflinks with Labradorite

Silver Bike Chain Cufflinks with Labradorite

  • Silver and rhodium plated cufflinks

  • Made from real bike chain

  • Set with 1.3 carats of labradorite

Looking for the most novel gifts for a cyclist can be difficult. These creative cufflinks combine mirror shining silver plated bike chain and lustrous labradorite for serious cycling style.

These bike chain cufflinks are made in the UK from real bicycle chain and set with four matched faceted labradorites.

Labradorite has natural blue iridescence called labradorescence which appears when the cufflinks move on your double cuff shirt. This labradorescence elevates the muted labradorite gemstones in the cufflinks to captivating dazzling cycling gifts.

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