Silver Bike Chain Cufflinks with Created Tanzanite Zirconia

Silver Bike Chain Cufflinks with Created Tanzanite Zirconia

  • Tanzanite is the December's birthstone

  • Set with 1.3 carats of tanzanite cubic zirconia

  • Highly polished silver plated cufflinks with a rhodium plate to prevent tarnishing

  • Made in the UK from real bike chain

When you’re looking for that go to accessory to make every shirt you wear magnificent, then these silver cufflinks with tanzanite zirconia need to be top of your list. These bike chain cufflinks are made from real pieces bicycle chain which are brazed, plated and set with tanzanite to create exceptional cycling cufflinks.

What makes them so good? Firstly, highly polished silver gives you a modern style which draws the eye and can be paired with almost any shirt. Secondly, the dark blue tanzanite creates an alluring contrast with the silver cufflink and the sparkle of the gemstone itself. Thirdly, as these cufflinks catch the light, the inner fire of the tanzanite is revealed and they flicker with flashes of blue, red, green, and yellow. The effect is truly mesmerising.

You can read more about these silver cufflinks with tanzanite here on our blog post.

These make an excellent gift for a cyclist at any time of the year, but especially in December as tanzanite is a December birthstone. Read more about that here.

These bike chain cufflinks suit a very wide range of cufflink shirts, from simple plain poplin to dark patterned shirts.

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About tanzanite cubic zirconia

These tanzanite styled Cubic Zirconia have an incredible range of sparkle. Reflections range from deep indigo and royal blue, through to cyan, then gold, orange and even red. Tanzanite is a November birthstone. Read more about tanzanite here. 


All cufflinks are supplied in a contemporary wooden gift box, which is lined with a sample of material, and finished with a ribbon and a Hasso wax seal.


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