Silver Bike Chain Cufflinks with Rhodolite

Silver Bike Chain Cufflinks with Rhodolite

  • 1.3 carats of rhodolite

  • Silver and rhodium plated cufflinks means no tarnishing

  • Made in the UK

  • Exclusive January birthstone gifts for a cyclist

If you’re looking for unusual gifts for a cyclist then these silver bike chain cufflinks set with rhodolite are sure to impress.

The cufflinks are made in the UK from real bike chain which is plated in silver and rhodium before being set with 1.3 carats of rhodolite. They are presented in a wooden gift box so your gift will be a memorable keepsake forever.

Rhodolite is a bright purple raspberry colour, and one of the more expensive members of the garnet family of gemstones. We use only the highest quality rhodolite, which is untreated and has excellent colour and clarity.

As rhodolite is a type of garnet, these silver rhodolite cufflinks make an unusual cycling gift as a January birthstone alternative.

Compared to amethyst these rhodolite cufflinks are a brighter gemstone with a more energised hot purple compared to the imperial purple of amethyst. You can compare these with silver amethyst cufflinks here.

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All cufflinks are supplied in a contemporary wooden gift box, which is lined with a sample of material, and finished with a ribbon and a Hasso wax seal.

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