Silver Bike Chain Cufflinks with Created Champagne Zirconia

Silver Bike Chain Cufflinks with Created Champagne Zirconia

  • Silver plated cufflinks

  • Made from real bike chain

  • Rhodium for zero tarnish

  • 1.3 Carats of champagne cubic zirconia

Unique silver cufflinks made from real bike chain set with 4 champagne cubic zirconia. Perfect for meetings or evenings out. Celebrate your inner cyclist and never be far from a cycling conversation with these exclusive cufflinks.

Champagne cubic zirconia is a lab grown stone that looks similar to a champagne diamond. In these bike chain cufflinks the sparkling champagne coloured gem creates a subtle contrast against the shining silver and rhodium plated cufflink.

These cufflinks pair well with most colour shirts, especially pink shirts for a clean, modern look.

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About Champagne Cubic Zirconia

These Quartz coloured Cubic Zirconia are a neutral colour which makes them very versatile.

All cufflinks are supplied in a contemporary wooden gift box, which is lined with a sample of material, and finished with a ribbon and a Hasso wax seal.


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