Silver Bike Chain Cufflinks with Amethyst

Silver Bike Chain Cufflinks with Amethyst

  • 1.3 carat of AA grade amethysts

  • Silver and rhodium plated cufflinks made from real bike chain

  • Matches a wide range of shirts

No other gemstone holds as much meaning to so many people as amethyst. Some associate the deep colour with wealth and style, other people love it because they have a February birthday and amethyst is February’s birthstone. Some people have fond memories of amethyst jewellery, to other people the purple of the gemstone appears deep and magical, and some just like the purple colour and how it suits so many costumes and skin tones.

These silver cufflinks are set with AA grade amethysts, which mean they are a deep pure purple and very rich in colour. The cufflinks are silver and rhodium plated and are made from real bike chain in the UK. You can read more about amethyst bike chain cufflinks here.

The amethyst and silver cufflinks look clean and uncluttered. They suit light and dark double cuff shirts equally well, and also suit a wide range of skin tones.

You can read more about amethyst as a birthstone in our blogpost here.

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About amethyst

The amethysts used in Hasso cufflinks are an intense purple AA grade gemstone, which looks deep and rich, and balances well against the three metal choices available. They are ethically sourced and hand chosen for clarity, colour and depth.  

All cufflinks are supplied in a contemporary wooden gift box, which is lined with a sample of material, and finished with a ribbon and a Hasso wax seal.

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