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51 Murrayfields
Newcastle upon Tyne, England, NE27 0RD
United Kingdom

0191 645 9988

Welcome To Hasso Fashion. Our Cufflinks Are Made From Bike Chain And Inlaid With Gems. Our Ergonomic Shirts Have Incredible Movement And Are Made From A Bespoke Material. Shop Now.

Gold Cufflinks Product Page

Product page of Hasso Gold Bike Chain Cufflinks. Click on the images for details and to buy these cufflinks.

Gold Bike Chain Cufflinks with Amethyst


Gold Bike Chain Cufflinks with Amethyst


Regal and formal, these cufflinks overflow with class. Gold is a perfect match for the rich purple amethysts and show the qualities of these fine gemstones to their full effect. 

Buy if…

  • You are looking for an elegant gift for February birthday

  • For a 6th Anniversary present

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About amethyst

The amethysts used in Hasso cufflinks are high AA grade gemstones, meaning they are an intense purple which looks deep and rich, and balances well against the three metal choices available. They stand out against any shirt and catch the light very well. As with all our gemstones, they are ethically sourced.

All cufflinks are supplied in a contemporary wooden gift box, which is lined with a sample of material, and finished with a ribbon and a Hasso wax seal.

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