Complaints & Notices

Hasso Fashion is committed to providing excellent customer service to everyone who is affected by its operation. We do not look at complaints as unwanted, and we are firmly committed to a process of continuous improvement of which the complaints procedure is just one element.

Recognising that sometimes things go wrong, or mistakes are made, this policy outlines the procedures to follow to make a complaint and the internal procedures we follow to manage the process.

Your complaint will be handled confidentially, quickly and fairly.

We aim to resolve all complaints efficiently and professionally though our own customer services. However, you may decide you wish to use an Alternative Dispute Resolution service. These can be found by contacting your local Citizen’s Advice Bureau or Trading Standards, or via the EU Dispute Resolution portal.

To make a complaint

1. Customers making a complaint are asked to email an explanation of the issue that has caused them to be dissatisfied to: A complaint should also contain an explanation of what a customer requires to be done to resolve the issue.

2. Hasso Fashion will send an acknowledgement within 10 working days of the complaint being received, giving a complaint registration number.  Including this number with any further correspondence will assist Hasso Fashion.

3. Hasso Fashion will investigate each complaint, summarise and respond to the complaint detailing any proposed remedial action, or asking for more information within 20 working days of the complaint being received. If this is not possible, this will be explained in writing within 28 days.

4. If the customer is not happy with the response, they may request a second review. This will be conducted with oversight by at least one Board member within 20 working days of the second review request.

You will receive a second written response, detailing any changes to the proposed remedial action. In the majority of cases, this second review will be the final position of Hasso Fashion Ltd.


Notices will be sent promptly, to either the email address or the mailing address you provided with your order.

Emails are deemed to be received 24 hours after sending. Postal mail is deemed to be received 3 days after sending.

Continuous Improvement

Hasso Fashion strives to be a learning organisation and will further develop quality improvement procedures, which will include information received from this process.  Hasso Fashion would appreciate feedback from complainants about their experience of Hasso Fashion’s complaints procedure and may use this to improve the way complaints are managed in the future.