What Is A Cufflink Shirt?

Hello! Welcome to this blogpost about cufflink shirts, which you might also have heard are called double cuff shirts. In this post you’ll find everything to do with identifying, buying, wearing, and enjoying these wonderful clothes and accessories. Here are the sections of this blogpost as clickable links for your convenience.

So without any more fuss, let’s start.

A cufflink shirt is most frequently a formal style shirt with double or French cuffs. These are shirts with longer cuffs that are meant to be folded back against themselves to give a double thickness of material. Cufflink shirts usually have stiffer collars, suitable for wearing a tie and are most often pure cotton in white or pale colours to add to the formality. 

Putting a cufflink on a shirt

A shirt cufflink is an accessory that fixes through your shirt cuff to close it. It is usually a piece of jewellery or costume jewellery, which may be made from a range of metals including silver, pewter, steel, brass, gold or rose gold.

The shirt cufflink differs from an ear cuff or other pieces of jewellery or fashion accessory because it is only used on your shirt.

Most of the time your shirt cufflink will be fixed through your shirt’s double cuff to make a simple and effective closure. 

Shirt cufflinks create more interest and style than buttons because they can match the pattern or colour of your cufflink shirt and can be used to express your feelings or personal style differently each time you wear the same shirt. Also, wearing the same shirt cufflink on different shirts can change the appearance and different styles and colours will subtly change your overall look. 

A mens cufflink shirt. Notice the structured collar and clean lines.

A mens cufflink shirt. Notice the structured collar and clean lines.

Although shirts with cufflink holes for men are the most common, recently more women’s double cuff shirts are available to buy. Both women’s and men’s shirts have the same buttonhole for fitting the cufflinks. Some cufflinks are suitable for both men and women so these can be used in either shirt.

Womens cufflink shirts have more variety in design, although strangely they are usually available in fewer material choices and fewer colours. There is also a disparity because women’s shirts are more commonly available in cheaper materials, whereas in the UK men’s shirts are usually higher quality pure cotton. 

Women’s double cuff shirts have a huge advantage of single cuff cousins: the double cuff gives more flexibility for arm length, which can be a tremendous problem with women’s shirts. The recent trend of wearing the double cuff open without cufflinks looks very stylish with a woman’s suit or a large necklace. 

Men’s cufflink shirts are usually worn with a suit or jacket and trousers. However, it is also now common to see men wearing double cuff shirts with casual clothes such as jeans and chinos. This means the choice of cufflink has to be considered more carefully. A very formal business cufflink will not work with a more casual outfit. 

A Womens cufflink shirt with a more elaborate cuff design.

A Womens cufflink shirt with a more elaborate cuff design.

Petite shirts are made for shorter women; usually around 5’3” and under. The shirts should be made proportionately smaller. Cheaper shirts are usually just shorter. Hasso petite cufflink shirts are made with shorter arms, a different armscye (the hole your arm goes through). The body is proportionately shorter and less wide. 

Cufflink shirts are a great choice for petite women because the double cuff and added cufflinks accessories appear to lengthen the body.

For those that want to buy a quality cufflink shirt the choice can be daunting. Lots of shops

are selling shirts for women and men at many different prices. How to pick the best shirt for you?

Here are a few tips:

  • You need to look at the details. Look where the material joins the collar, the front piece, and the button placket – where the shirt material is thickest. This should look neat and even, and not feel lumpy or creased. Similarly look under the arms – where the sleeve piece meets with the front and back body piece. If this is untidy or uneven the material has not been sewn or cut correctly and the shirt will be less comfortable because the material will move in a strange direction, or be slightly offset.

  • Check the buttonholes on the shirt. They get used the most and so need to be of very high quality. The buttonhole threads should look neat, even and close together, but not overlapping.

  • Check inside the collars. Most high quality shirts will have removable collar stiffeners. These mean your collar will stay looking good for longer and in some cases you can alter the stiffness of the collar.

  • Look for natural material. If you want your shirt to stretch a bit, you will need a small amount of lycra. Avoid any shirt over 5% lycra – it will feel artificial and look cheap. It will also not hold its shape throughout the day.

  • Buying shirts from high street shops should be a last resort. Their shirts are made in low quality factories with poor quality control. I visited some of these factories and the best was unimpressive, the worst should be closed down.

You can buy shirt cufflinks in the UK from a number of different places depending on your style and budget. 

To make the best decision for your cufflinks for your shirt you need to choose your style. Start by asking yourself:

  • Where you’ll wear your cufflinks

  • If it’s appropriate to wear humorous cufflinks of if you need to buy formal cufflinks

  • How much money you want to spend on your cufflinks

  • If it’s important your cufflinks are unique or special

Shops stocking cufflinks usually stock only a small range, so you may find more choice by buying online or choosing one design idea and phoning ahead to check stock levels.

Shirt cufflinks can be bought in gift shops, jewellers and clothes shops including department stores. The quality of cufflinks varies in each shop, but in general:

  • Jewellers stock cufflinks which use silver, gold or rose gold and also may include some gemstones.

  • Gift shops will generally stock cufflinks which do not contain precious metals or gemstones.

Prices will vary, and it will be no surprise that cufflinks from jewellers are more expensive in general than ones bought from a gift shop.

You’ve arrived at your hotel and, and you realise in the rush you forgot to pack your cufflink shirt or maybe you didn’t expect to have a formal meal on your beach holiday. Either way, you’ll need to buy a shirt abroad.

If you need a formal shirt when you travel you’ll need to watch out for few differences. If you have ever bought a shirt while abroad you may have noticed that there is a preference for men’s polyester shirts. This is because of the price of cotton, and cheaper imports from the far east.

Other differences include smaller cuffs (typically in central Europe). This is a style choice that seems to have stuck. You might also notice that most cuffs and collars are softer, which some people may prefer. I think British shirt collars and cuffs are some of the hardest in the world. Collars are usually slightly lower too, I find these are more comfortable, and excel without a tie, but can cause some problems if you’re wearing a thick tie as it might start to work its way out. 

In many Mediterranean countries you might also see some exotic materials or even double collar shirts. Double collar shirts have a layered collar, usually in contrasting material, often with a button holding the construction to the shirt. These should be reserved for nightclubs which serve overpriced drinks to punters who fancy themselves as Instagram lifestyle influencers.

When wearing a cufflink shirt you need to consider your styling and the reason you are wearing the shirt. Cufflink shirts are often better suited for formal occasions, however that needn’t always be the case. Some double cuff shirts such as those with double collars are much more casual than formal and can be worn in a showy or casual situation.

Be sure to match the cufflink and shirt and the rest of the outfit is simple! Here are some tips with links to examples to get you started.

When choosing a cufflink to wear check the cufflink matches something else you are wearing – maybe something you want to draw attention to. For example, if you are wearing some red shoes, consider a red cufflink such as a ruby cufflink or a garnet cufflink. Consider lighter stones for more flexible matching, something like aquamarine cufflinks in silver suit modern and formal styling. Or turn that on its head and go for contrasting colours – silver and smoky quartz cufflinks are a very versatile combination or gold with amethyst cufflinks for a very special look.

Silver cufflinks with smoky quartz. The contrast between the silver and quartz looks very modern.

Silver cufflinks with smoky quartz. The contrast between the silver and quartz looks very modern.

Consider the colour of the metal the cufflink is made from. Although this is more subjective than the colour of the gemstones generally silver cufflinks will look more modern. The clean look of the cufflinks is very popular and they match many shirts and outfits. The silver will also suit any steel, white gold or platinum you are wearing.

Gold cufflinks with amethyst. A strong contrast that emanates luxury.

Gold cufflinks with amethyst. A strong contrast that emanates luxury.

Gold cufflinks on your shirt will appear more classic or special. It can look very modern against a dark shirt or a high contrast striped shirt such as a bright bengal stripe. The gold also suits a very wide mixture of skin tones. It stands out from the cuff in almost all situations, making a well-matched pair of gold cufflinks perfect for subtly drawing attention to matching parts of your outfit.

Rose gold cufflinks with diamond zirconia. A very trend-aware combination.

Rose gold cufflinks with diamond zirconia. A very trend-aware combination.

Wearing rose gold shirt cufflinks will look very trend aware. The increase in popularity of rose gold has propelled it to the front of accessories in the high street and in high-end jewellers. The unusual tones of the copper coloured gold is particularly stunning against darker material, and usually looks modern.

Hasso Double Cuff Shirts

At Hasso we specialise in cufflink shirts that are made for cycling. Our double cuff shirts are unique because they combine traditional tailoring values with cycling features to make shirts that make your ride and your day more comfortable.

All Hasso cufflink shirts use an exclusive stretch material which is woven to our own specification. The result is the shirt is extremely comfortable, moving and stretching with your movements, no matter how extreme they are. However, the feel is very natural because the shirts use high quality cotton with only a small amount of lycra.