Topaz Bike Chain Cufflinks

Bike Chain Cufflinks: Topaz

Welcome to the forth in our blog post series which looks at bike chain cufflinks in more detail. This post is about topaz cufflinks.

This article will contain why I chose to work with these gemstones, what inspires me about them, when they might be a great gift, and what to wear with topaz cufflinks.

If you want a more in-depth post about the topaz gemstone itself, head over to read the topaz birthstone blog post.

Just before we get into the article, here are a couple of things to make clear:

Topaz Gemstones

We use Swiss blue topaz stones. These are not made in Switzerland! There are bright blue, and sit between the pale ‘sky blue topaz’ and the dark grey/ green blue ‘London topaz’. For more information on the types of topaz head over to our topaz birthstone article.

Topaz Birthstone

Topaz is one of November’s birthstones. This means topaz gifts are particularly good for Scorpios and Sagittarius’. It’s also the 4th wedding anniversary stone. You can find more information about Topaz in the November birthstone blog post here

Topaz Bike Chain Cufflinks

Silver cufflinks with topaz

Hasso topaz bike chain cufflinks are handmade in the UK, and are available finished in rose gold, silver or gold.

Topaz cufflinks look very contemporary. The stone is a bright and vivid blue, and adapts easily between modern styling and a regal luxurious style.

Blue is a colour of confidence, and the sparkle of the topaz bike chain cufflinks adds to that feel of quiet confidence.

Bike Chain Cufflink Design with Swiss Blue Topaz

I chose the Swiss Blue topaz after trialling both London and Sky blue variants. I felt the brightness of Swiss blue topaz responded better in the setting, emphasising with the metals and presenting a stronger style. In the silver cufflinks I liked how the tones swiss blue made them look very contemporary – just blue enough to not look ‘steely’. Whereas in the rose gold cufflinks the blue topaz stone really contrasted and had a very luxurious noble feel.

Wearing Topaz Cufflinks

The topaz cufflinks are a beautiful touch to any outfit. They exemplify ‘fine detail’ and are subtle enough to wear in any situation.

In a white double cuff shirt the silver topaz cufflinks look elegant and formal. They are very adaptable and are a good choice for a wedding cufflink, at a black tie dinner or as a theatre cufflink.

The gold and rose gold cufflinks can be treated similarly. Gold edges towards formal style and works well in paler shirts where which pick the blue colour of the topaz – for example a light blue solid colour shirt or as part of a simple pattern such as a blue pinstripe shirt. The rose gold cufflinks can be matched well with brighter colour shirts – the stronger contrast of lends itself to a more extreme colouring. Think apricots, cider yellows, bronzes and ambers in a tweed suit or leather details for some memorable styling.