Sourcing Quality Gemstones: Our Policy

We believe that all the materials that are used in any of our products should be ethically sourced. Our bike chain gemstone cufflinks are demonstrably ethical and are of the highest quality.

Our high quality gemstones are also ethically sourced

Today we are going to explain a little bit about the stringent checks and procedures we have in place to achieve this level of responsible quality (which we are very proud of).

Ethically Sourced Gemstones

Sourcing ethically responsible gemstones is of paramount importance to us here at Hasso Fashion. There are unfortunately many opportunities for corruption and exploitation along the road from the mine to the jeweller, all of which need to be guarded against with care and consideration.

To mitigate any possibility of corruption or exploitation being associated with the gemstones we use in our cufflinks, we have spent a significant amount of time and energy researching our suppliers. We have gone over every step of their process in excruciating detail to ensure that we can verify our gemstones have been sourced in accordance with the ethical expectations our customers quite rightly have.

Additionally, our suppliers go one step further to give us the assurances we need by only working with individual (and reputable) stone cutters. These lasting relationships provide the stability we need and go a long way to proving the trustworthiness and reputation of a supplier.

We are confident and proud to say we have worked with the most reputable suppliers to ensure that every single gemstone we have ever inlaid in our products has been:

  • Certified conflict free

  • Ethically sourced

  • Properly documented

Quality Gemstones

We are regularly shocked at the sheer volume of low-quality products that have seemingly flooded the market in recent years. It saddens us that there is such a low amount of emphasis on quality these days. It seems many brands are stuck in what has become a race to the bottom.

As you may already know, at Hasso we do things differently. We go above and beyond to ensure that all of our materials (including our gemstones) are of the absolute highest quality possible.

Rose Gold Cufflinks with Mozambique Garnet.

Rose Gold Cufflinks with Mozambique Garnet.

For example, we are regularly commended on the sparkle and shine of our created cubic zirconia gemstones. We go to great lengths to ensure that we only work with suppliers that can provide us with stones that are of a far superior quality to those which you would find on the high street.

Our Amethysts are another great example of this. We only work with suppliers who can provide us with AA grade amethysts that are an amazingly deep and rich purple, and represent some of the very best of what mother nature has to offer.

These stunning stones offer an instantly recognisable superior colour and clarity compared to lower grade stones commonly available. When this is combined with the expert craftsmanship of our stone cutters the end result is an opulent, vivid, luxurious stone that we are proud to offer to our customers.


As we grow and expand we will inevitably work with new suppliers. We want to reassure our customers that we will always stick to these important values that are at the very core of our brand. We will never abandon our principles, and we will never bend the rules.

We simply do not consider any other way to be an option.