Smoky Quartz Bike Chain Cufflinks

Bike Chain Cufflinks: Smoky Quartz

Welcome to the ninth in the series of blog posts looking at Hasso bike chain cufflinks. Today I’ll go through some of the inspiration, design choices and challenges behind the smoky quartz bike chain cufflinks. There’ll be the usual clothes matching advice hints and tips for wearing these unique cufflinks.

The sections are as follows:

  • Colours of Smoky Quartz

  • Be More Unique with Smoky Quartz Jewellery 

  • Making Smoky Quartz Bike Chain Cufflinks

  • Cufflink Design with Smoky Quartz

  • How to match smoky quartz cufflinks to your shirt

An early notice: this post is all about designing cufflinks with smoky quartz. If you want to read about the gemstone smoky quartz in more detail, go to the separate smoky quartz post linked here. 

Colours of Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz comes in a wide range of colours from a hazy beige to almost black crystal. If you look closely at smoky quartz gemstones, you will see a deeper patterning of darker streaks and swirls. These features add to the interest of the smoky quartz gemstone, and make each gemstone unique.

The colours of the smoky quartz gems pose some challenges for design. It is important to match the stones carefully in the sets of four we use in the cufflinks. We do this by looking at several features: 

  • Colour from a distance

  • Clarity of the gemstone

  • Quantity of patterning

  • Type of patterning

  • Character of the gemstone

The beauty of smoky quartz gemstone cufflinks is how unique each pair is.

Be More Unique with Smoky Quartz Jewellery 

Smoky quartz jewellery is not very common in UK jewellers even though Scotland has large deposits. Jewellery made with smoky quartz lends itself to contemporary styling. Dark hues match todays styles and give a modern twist to classic jewellery. This is particularly evident in the silver cufflinks with smoky quartz.

Making Smoky Quartz Bike Chain Cufflinks

Gold bike chain cufflinks with smoky quartz

Hasso make all bike chain cufflinks in the UK. And the smoky quartz cufflinks are no exception. They start as pieces of bike chain which are remanufactured into cufflinks, and set with gems in Newcastle upon Tyne. The cufflinks are then plated in gold, silver and rose gold in the south of England.

We choose the smoky quartz for their quality and pair them with care to create unique cufflinks. We package our quartz cufflinks in a wooden cufflink box, and finish it with a traditional red wax seal.

Cufflink Design with Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz are a new inclusion to our range of bike chain cufflinks. They first appeared in the menswear area of the Moda fashion show in the NEC in Birmingham after one of our stockists put in an order.

Although the stones have a bright sparkle, their dark colour means the cufflink has an intelligent and sophisticated feel. Setting dark smoky quartz in rose gold looks exquisite, and the rose gold picks enough of the natural smoke colour to enrich it. This results in a very unique cufflink. In silver the smoky quartz acts as a contrast, giving more interest than a spinel or black diamond, because of the translucence of the stone.


How to match smoky quartz cufflinks to your shirt

Matching your shirt smoky quartz cufflinks is relatively easy. The browns of the stone are fairly neutral, and can suit many outfits and looks.

Bright shirts with cufflinks

Bright dress shirts with a dark background look great with rose gold smoky quartz cufflinks or gold smoky quartz cufflinks if there is yellow in the foreground pattern. 

Formal Shirts with Cufflinks

Silver cufflinks with smoky quartz looks very elegant with black tie, or in situations where colours should be kept to a minimum.

Country Tweed Style

Gold cufflinks with smoky quartz suit the country tweed style. And act to bring together any modern and traditional elements of a tweed-based outfit.