Ruby Bike Chain Cufflinks

Bike Chain Cufflinks: Ruby

This is the tenth in the series of posts on Hasso bike chain cufflinks. Here we’ll be looking at Hasso bike chain cufflinks with ruby gemstones. These ruby gemstone cufflinks use faceted rubies to catch the light and show off the plated bicycle chain to maximum effect. As with all Hasso bike chain cufflinks, the pieces of real chain were stripped, cleaned, and plated in gold, silver or rose gold and set with gemstones.

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Ruby Gemstones

Our cufflinks use created ruby which is lab grown. I chose this mainly because it offers a very consistent quality and affordable price. We also offer private custom orders using natural rubies. As you may know, ruby qualities vary hugely. Value is placed on quality, colour and clarity. For cufflinks with genuine ruby gemstones a basic starting price would be an additional £150 – these rubies are almost indistinguishable from the created ruby gemstones we use as standard. Higher quality rubies add approximately £300 to the cufflink price. We can provide certificated rubies and have a choice of qualities available. If you want to buy a pair of genuine ruby gemstone cufflinks, please contact us for more details.

Ruby is the birthstone for the month of July, and ruby is the 40th wedding anniversary gemstone. 

Gold ruby cufflinks

Gold ruby cufflinks

For me gold ruby cufflinks are the showpieces of this gemstone. The gold colour perfectly contrasts the red ruby. Although traditionally ruby cufflinks for men, I think gold ruby cufflinks lend themselves to be used as women’s cufflinks. My wife wears them regularly with her white double cuffed shirts, and they are her favourite women’s cufflinks. 

The bike chain form is universally attractive and suits feminine and men’s cuffs. It creates a perfectly proportioned frame to the two ruby gemstones used in each cufflink. The overall tone of the gold ruby cufflinks showcases the features and facets of the ruby gemstone and gives an overall feeling of luxury and warmth.

Silver ruby cufflinks

The silver ruby cufflinks show the brightness of the red ruby gemstone. They look vivid and make a very bold statement. The stone stands out more than any other jewelled bike chain cufflink we make, so needs careful consideration when matching with an outfit.

Rose gold ruby cufflinks

Rose gold cufflinks with ruby look more tamed. The red tones from the rose gold create a complementary colour with the red ruby. They suit brown shirts and other earthy tones extremely well. 

Who should wear ruby cufflinks

Who should wear ruby cufflinks? People who wear plain block colour shirts can easily wear ruby cufflinks. Dark coloured shirts look amazing due to the strong contrast created by the gold ruby cufflink. Silver cufflinks with rubies can work very well on a wide striped shirt. The stripe doesn’t need to be red though. A contrasting blue striped shirt or shirts with white cuffs also work well.  

Pale coloured shirts need careful balancing with ruby gemstone cufflinks. It is best to match a red accessory with red elsewhere in the outfit, such as picking out the red in a pattern of a pocket square, tie or cravat. Matching ruby with purely red accessories or red patterned accessories is not advised – it looks too distracting and creates an overall mismatch and inelegance in the outfit. The exception to this is when wearing gold ruby cufflinks, as the colours give more freedom for matching.