Relaxing Looks for All-Day Wear

Men’s and women’s stylish shirts

Men’s and women’s stylish shirts

There are times when you have very busy day and do not even get a chance to get a change of clothes. On such days, if you get stuck wearing something that is trendy but a little uncomfortable, your entire day can get ruined and you are more tired than you usually would have been.

You know how it is; your mind is focused on your morning meeting, forgetting that you’ve agreed to lunch with an old friend and after work drinks with other friends too. Your fashion choice takes a back seat. If the following day, someone were to ask you what you wore, you’d be lucky to remember your shirt was blue. Remembering your cufflinks for your double cuffed shirt is worthy of celebration.

Comfortable Stylish Clothes

If you already know that you are going to have such a day ahead of you, the best thing you can do is to wear clothes that are comfortable, stylish, relaxing and look great on you throughout the day. Such clothes not only provide you enough capacity to work tirelessly but also let you kick back and relax without the need to take them off as soon as you clock out.

Understanding what clothes look best on you, and what are best for the day ahead can be daunting. If you’re a commuting urban cyclist, let alone someone that wants a stylish cycle ride choosing what to wear. Your daily activities are not so different, but finding clothes that suit you and fit your day seems like a fantasy.

Versatile Clothes for Work and Home

Now, you may face different situations throughout the day. After work you may need to stay at home and cook food, go to the bank, do grocery shopping, or even pop back into the office for an emergency meeting. The best way is to dress in a comfortable fashion and choose clothing that can be worn both at home and at work. For example, you can easily wear double cuff shirts; when you are at home, you can roll up the sleeves for a more relaxed feel, but when you are at work, you can roll down the sleeves and put cufflinks on to give a more formal business look.

Turn up your cuffs on your cufflink shirts to cool yourself when cycling.

Turn up your cuffs on your cufflink shirts to cool yourself when cycling.

Thinking of different ways to wear your work outfit gives you more options and can help you feel more comfortable throughout the day. Simple solutions can be easily found, for example when you are cycling to work wear your shirt loose and turn your cuffs up to cool your wrists and avoid sweat stains on the cuff. If you’re wearing a loose dress you can always use a coin and an elastic band to turn the skirt into a pair of baggy shorts.

Colours To Wear Every Day

Colours matter as well when you are considering relaxing wear. Bolder colours are more suited for things that you need to do outside, like go to a restaurant or run some errands, but if you want to calm your mind, lighter colours will be better. Always make sure that on such days, you choose neutral colours which will suit every place and occasion. Remember to build in flexibility, so consider accessorising with a brightly coloured scarf or pocket square or even some eccentric socks.

Moving Comfortably In Your Clothes

Think about how you will move through the day. A really good option is to use stretch shirts for more flexibility and easy movement. These shirts are available in a variety of colours and styles, so you can choose those best suited for the day. Don’t get carried away with super skinny fit as what you gain in the stretch, you loose due to the tightness.

Your primary purpose of the day should be to remain comfortable and look smart. To do that, you can choose any style that makes you feel at ease and still looks fashionable. You can go for skirts or trousers and still kill the look and have a great day ahead.

Choosing the Right Shoes

Think about your shoes too before you step out. To add some colour and rock the look no matter where you have to go, simply throw on a pair of multicoloured brogues. They look great with almost any outfit and are highly comfortable to wear and suited for all genders.