March Birthstone: Aquamarine

March Birthstone: Aquamarine 

Aquamarine is the birthstone for March. The great news for gift buyers as is aquamarine jewellery is usually quite affordable and aquamarines are naturally clean looking stones with very few inclusions . Jewellery using this blue gemstone makes the perfect gift for anyone with a birthday or celebration in March.

In this blogpost we’ll be finding out all there is to know about aquamarine jewellery. Sections include: 

March Birthstone Meaning

Information About The Aquamarine Crystal

Aquamarine Stone Benefits

Buying Aquamarine Jewellery

High Quality Aquamarine Jewellery

Aquamarine Costume jewellery

Aquamarine Cufflinks

Unique Aquamarine Jewellery

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March Birthstone Meaning

Aquamarine’s name means ‘water of the sea’ in Latin

Aquamarine’s name means ‘water of the sea’ in Latin

The meaning of March’s birthstone comes from Latin and means ‘the water of the sea’. A lot of aquamarine’s deeper meanings are connected to this name. The colour reminds you of the sea, and its folkloric meanings are connected with water, tranquillity and life. 

The personal meanings for aquamarines can be numerous. People born in March connect with the birthstone gift aspect. Other people like it because the colour is similar to their eyes. Others find meaning in the locations it is mined in. 

Information About The Aquamarine Crystal

As you know, the name ‘aquamarine’ comes from aqua mare – water of the sea in Latin. Aquamarine crystals are a type of beryl. The crystals are usually clear although they can vary in colour greatly. 

Most aquamarine is from Brazil, but there are deposits throughout the world. Aquamarine crystals are quite easy to shape; this means you may often see creative and unusually shaped stones.

Some aquamarine crystals have tubes running through them. These tubes are either hollow or filled with liquid. Depending on the angle of the tubes to the faceting of the gemstone, the effect might look like rain or sparkling flakes.

Many of the aquamarine gemstones for sale are heat treated to improve their colour which removes green tints and makes them more translucent. The temperature a stone needs to be reach to turn the green beryl into blue aquamarine is around 400c.

Aquamarines fade with exposure to lights, so buying quality aquamarine gems from a reliable and trustworthy source is essential – especially if the aquamarine is a birthstone gift. Either way, you should always take care storing your aquamarine jewellery.

Aquamarine Stone Benefits

Aquamarine stone benefits are closely related to its colour and root of its name ‘water of the sea’. The aquamarine gemstone is said to give feelings of calming and refreshment. Helping people to let go with confidence and go with the flow. 

Some believe it cleanses the waters in our body. The tranquil blue colour is said to improve emotional intelligence and it is this association which is connected to helping people to reduce feelings of fear, chaos and doubt. People believe aquamarine’s relaxing properties help to calm during stressful times, helping improve communication and clarity to reach the end of difficult times. 

Buying Aquamarine Jewellery

When buying aquamarine jewellery as a gift, care should always be taken to think about to whom the gift will be given. As the best gifts are the ones used the most, is also important to consider the intended use of the aquamarine jewellery gift. 

I am assuming you are familiar with identifying a quality aquamarine gemstoneIf not,click on the link and have a read of that section.

Aquamarine jewellery is so versatile that it appeals to many people. 

Firstly, because it is March’s birthstone, anyone with a celebration in March is bound to feel extra special and thought about when receiving an aquamarine gift. 

Secondly, think about the colour of aquamarine gemstone and also the overall colour of the aquamarine jewellery. 

  • Do these colours suit the person you are giving the aquamarine gift to? 

  • How does the colour of the jewellery make you feel? 

  • Is this a feeling you associate with the gift recipient? 

An aquamarine ring

If these questions seem to end up with the same sort of answers, then an aquamarine jewellery gift will be an excellent choice.

Think about the colour of the aquamarine gemstone. How does its tones complement the skin, hair and eye colour of the person you are buying the gift for? Do they have a favourite accessory such as a favourite handbag, bracelet or ring that would suit the aquamarine colour?

Think about the colour of the metal used in the jewellery piece. How does it work with the gemstone?

Silver Aquamarine Jewellery

In most silver jewellery settings the aquamarine gemstone takes on an ultra-modern look and if you’re looking for an amazing contemporary jewellery gift you won’t get much better than silver jewellery with aquamarines. Think ice cool jewellery paired with a sharp black outfit. Sleek and elegant. 

Gold Aquamarine Jewellery

When aquamarine is set in gold jewellery, it softens the blue gemstone. It perfectly balances classic and contemporary jewellery styles. Buying gold aquamarine jewellery is safe, stylish and confident without being dull and pedestrian. Plain outfits can draw attention to aquamarine necklaces and bracelets. Choose colours which balance the strong gold jewellery and the mild blue of the gemstone.

Rose Gold Jewellery with Aquamarine

In rose gold jewellery aquamarine makes a very fashionable and unique look. There has been a trend of rose gold from fashion brands like Michael Kors, Ted Baker and Pandora, who all use rose gold accessories to add class and style to their products. By buying rose gold and aquamarine jewellery you can elevate your favourite pieces into genuine luxury. 

High Quality Aquamarine Jewellery

When shopping for high quality aquamarine jewellery, you need to consider a range of different factors. 

  • Check the aquamarine stone is of a high quality. It should have no inclusions – this means no specs of dirty looking particles inside the gem. They should be a uniform colour and they should of course sparkle!

  • The aquamarines should be of a good colour. Find out if the stone has been heat treated to alter the colour or if it is a natural blue. 

  • Most importantly the aquamarine gem in your chosen jewellery should appeal to you. All gemstones are non-fungible; that means that gems of equal identifiable characteristics (such as carat weight, colour, or clarity) are not equal. An element of the gemstone’s value is based on a subjective decision, how the stone appeals to the buyer.

  • The finish of the jewellery should be high quality and should emphasise the aquamarine. 

Aquamarine Costume Jewellery

It is reasonably easy to buy costume jewellery with aquamarines. Silver plated necklaces, quirky earrings and unique brooches are all available with aquamarines. Sometimes the stones are paired with other semi-precious gemstones. 

However, it is important to check the quality of all gemstones used in the costume jewellery you buy as these are quite often cheaper and cloudy aquamarines. Also, much of the costume jewellery sold on the high street is made in Asia under very poor conditions with very poor regard for disposing of the chemicals used in the plating processes. These chemicals can include cyanide and most are tremendously harmful to the water local supply. So please only buy from companies with a transparent supply chain where you can be sure they create their costume jewellery in good conditions and dispose of their waste in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

Silver bike chain cufflinks with aquamarine
Gold bike chain cufflinks with aquamarine
Rose gold bike chain cufflinks with aquamarine

When choosing cufflinks, aquamarine should be high on your list. Not only in the month of its birthstone, but throughout the year. It is a perfect stone for unique cufflinks. The colour suits many shirts, the stone is bright and hard wearing so it won’t chip easily. 

Aquamarine looks great on both men and women’s double cuff shirts. 

Here’s a rundown of the different finishes of your aquamarine cufflinks and how to pair it with the right shirt for the most impact.

Silver Cufflinks with Aquamarine

Silver cufflinks with aquamarine looks good against a white shirt – the white double cuff shirt doesn’t need to be too crisp as the aquamarine cufflinks will add the coolness and image of crispness. They work well on a dark shirt, providing the surround of silver is wide enough to create some separation between the cloth of the double cuff and the aquamarine gemstone.

Gold Cufflinks with Aquamarine

With gold cufflinks with aquamarine double cuff shirts tend to look better than striped or patterned shirts as the gold is quite eye catching and the shirt stripes can confuse this. Pastel colours and classic styles of outfit look good where the blue of the aquamarine gem can work with the gold to either complement or contrast against the material.

Rose Gold Cufflinks with Aquamarine

Fashionable rose gold and aquamarine cufflinks need to be treated carefully to avoid too many clashes. White double cuff shirts will always look good, but if you want something more colourful, then try some patterned shirts. You should look for patterns which are pale blue; your aim is to match the colour to the aquamarine gemstone to the pattern colour. If you find a good match on a blue print shirt then almost any background colour will work.

Unique Aquamarine Jewellery

If you are looking for a novel gift, you will find a lot of unique aquamarine jewellery. Because aquamarines are usually very clear gemstones, and are of a good hardness (meaning they are sparkly when cut), they are used as demonstration and practice pieces by gem cutters. This means you may find faceted aquamarine hearts, leaves, flowers, insects and animals.

Exotically shaped aquamarines make for some very unique jewellery.

Exotically shaped aquamarines make for some very unique jewellery.