Garnet Bike Chain Cufflinks

Bike Chain Cufflinks: Garnet

Welcome to the second of our blog post series giving more detail on the bike chain cufflinks for sale. In this post we’re going to take a look at garnet cufflinks.

We’ll cover some of what influenced these cufflinks, and how to dress with garnet cufflinks, because if you’re wearing garnet cufflinks you want to make sure you get the most out of them.

If you want a more in-depth post about the garnet gemstone, read our garnet birthstone article.

A couple of points to clear up at the start:

Garnet stone

Garnet stones come from a huge family of gemstones, in a wide range of colours. For this article we’ll be looking at the traditional red garnet gemstones.

Garnet Birthstone

January’s birthstone is Garnet. So garnet gifts are particularly suited to Capricorns and Aquarius’. It’s also the stone of 2ndwedding anniversaries. More facts and esoteric stuff in the garnet birthstone blog post.

Garnet Bike Chain Cufflinks

Rose gold cufflinks with garnet

All of our garnet bike chain cufflinks are made all made in the UK and come in silver, gold and rose gold finishes. The garnet cufflinks are both formal because of their deep colour, and also cheekily familiar –because of their shape, because of how the red gemstones bring the cufflink forward to the eye, and also because of how we associate red colours with daring, passion and courage.

Cufflink Design

We use two subtly different types of garnet, depending on the cufflink metal the gemstone is set in. In our silver cufflinks we use Thai garnet. This is a traditional red garnet with hints of brown. It is the garnet you are most likely to see in high street jewellers, although ours are have more red sparkle because we use higher quality gemstones. For our gold and rose gold cufflinks we use the much less common Mozambique garnet. It is a brighter red than the Thai garnet and has more orange colours and a more immediate depth. 

I chose to use the two garnet stones because I liked the how the Mozambique garnet worked with the gold and rose gold cufflinks. I felt the silver cufflinks benefitted from a stronger statement colour, partly because of how the silver bicycle chain worked with the reflection as light passes through the garnet gemstone. 

Garnet is one of the gemstones I get ‘lost’ in. When working with them, pairing them and then pairing the pairs so the cufflinks match in character, clarity and colour, I am feel time slipping away as I become more hypnotised by the lightning streaks of red and depth of the stones.

Wearing Garnet Cufflinks

Garnet cufflinks are a pleasure to match because the red works so well as small accent colour in almost any outfit. I really like the pairing of a dark blue shirt with the silver and Thai garnet cufflinks, and love the completely confident formality against a white French cuffed shirt with gold cufflinks where the garnet creates a feature and a dark jacket.