February Birthstones

Hasso aa grade amethyst used in our cufflinks

Hasso aa grade amethyst used in our cufflinks

Amethyst cufflinks made from bike chain

Amethyst is an attractive February birthstone and has been loved by jewellers and historians for years. It is the member of the mineral family and emits purplish hues which sometimes look like deep violet and sometimes appear as shiny lilac. Besides being the official gemstone of those born in February.

The term ‘amethyst’ is derived from a Greek word, which means ‘sober.’ You must be wondering what does this meaning has to do with the gemstone. Well, according to ancient Greek lore, the word has deep meanings. The gemstone was said to protect people from being drunk or lost. The purple colour of this gemstone was known for loyalty, and the stone was said to ward off evil and harmful waves attacking a person.

Amethyst is a member of the quartz family and is available in many shades of purple such as mauve, lilac, and lavender. The main quality to look for is the colour of the stone:  Look for a consistent and deep purple (typically A or AA grade). Light colour or patchy colour is a mark of a low quality gemstone. Amethysts have very few inclusions, so this should not be a factor.

The stone is found in several countries, but its properties and texture differ from place to place. Amethysts are found in many regions, but they are mostly abundant in Uruguay and Brazil. Other countries where you can find pure and quality amethysts are Russia, Canada, Africa, Mexico and the USA.

Amethyst is a durable stone and ranks number seven out of ten on the Mohs scale of hardness. This means it is reasonably resistant to scratches and abrasion and can be worn regularly. Though you should always wear and store any gemstones carefully to avoid scratches.

Whole caverns containing tons of amethyst crystals have been discovered. It was used by the richest and most influential people in the past and is associated with royalty and elegance. Due to its unique properties, these stones were also considered as the ‘Jewel of the Gods.’

This gemstone is loved and worn by many famous people and is popularly used as a birthstone and celebration present. Hasso uses amethyst in its bike chain cufflinks and only utilizes AA grade stones of a deep, rich purple that have been ethically sourced. You can shop for amethyst cufflinks at www.wearhasso.com/cufflinks.