Clothes That Can Take You from the Office to the Pub


Sometimes, you can end up late at work, which means that if you have any prior commitments with friends such as a meetup at the pub, it means that you won’t have time to go home and change. The best way to manage this is to think about the full day ahead when you dress.


Knowing about the possibility of running late, with deadlines looming and a boss breathing down your neck, or just having such a full day that does not allow you to have a coffee let alone change clothes, it is best to choose an outfit that will work for you in all situations. At the beginning of the day, ask yourself this question: how can you dress in a way so you can look top notch, while being comfortable enough at the same time?

Go through your wardrobe the night before so that you have a fair idea about what you have in your closet. Once you do, you will be able to choose the best outfit in the morning without wasting too much time. Think about your comfort as well as any

One of the best options to consider is a stretch shirt. Not only are stretch shirts comfortable, but they also look great if you choose the right colour and style. Their stretch properties will mean they will not crease as easily as other clothes, which makes gives them an ironed look throughout the day.

If you do not want to opt for this type of shirt, pick something textured or with a subtle pattern which will be more flexible. Plain white poplin is not great choice as it looks too ‘officy’ for the pub, and bright patterns are probably going to offend your co-workers (or your boss). Herringbone, chamre or another yarn-dyed style will look elegant and interesting whatever you pair it with. 


The next piece that you need to consider is the trousers. Wearing formal or slim-fit trousers may not be the best idea, so the next best thing you can do is to choose chinos if you are a man, and if you are a woman, go for some wide-legged trousers that flatter your overall figure. Prince of Wales check in a light material is a good idea and very versatile and can easily carry off dressing up with a bright coat or scarf. There are many types of such trousers available, so make sure you pick one that is comfortable and a good fit.

Shoes are the last item that you need to consider. Make sure that the ones you choose are comfortable enough to last the entire day. Also, ensure that the shoes match your clothes and are in line with your office’s dress code.

Once you have decided on the complete outfit and you feel comfortable in it, you will be able to last through the day with ease.