Citrine Bike Chain Cufflinks

Bike Chain Cufflinks: Citrine

Hello! This is our third of our blog post series looking in more detail at the bike chain cufflinks for sale. Today we’re going to look at citrine cufflinks.

We’ll cover some of the choices and influences behind these cufflinks, and what to wear with citrine cufflinks and when they might make good gifts.

If you want a more in-depth post about the citrine gemstone itself, head over to read the citrine birthstone blog post.

A couple of points to clear up at the start:

Citrine stone

We use two types of citrine stones – golden citrine which as the name suggests is gold, and Madiera citrine which is the colour of that delicious Portuguese treat: Madeira wine (and not the equally delicious English treat: Madeira cake). We’ll be covering both colours of citrine stones in this article.

Citrine Birthstone

Citrine is November’s birthstone. This means citrine gifts are particularly good for Scorpios and Sagittarius’. It’s also the anniversary stone of 13th wedding anniversaries. More facts and tidbits in the November birthstone article.

Bike chain silver cufflinks with citrine

Citrine Bike Chain Cufflinks

Our citrine bike chain cufflinks are made in the UK, and are available paired with genuine gold, silver or rose gold plating.

The citrine cufflinks are a lot of fun – the stone colour is exuberant and creates a very animated look on the cuff. We naturally associate oranges with excitement and yellow with happiness; emotions which are emphasised by the choice of gold, rose gold or silver cufflink metal.

Cufflink Design

As I said above, we use two types of citrine. Both types of citrine are available in all 3 metal finishes. The golden citrine is a really bright sparkling yellow. Often citrines can be quite pale and instead of the ‘happy yellow’ they are ‘sickly yellow’. Look at citrines in high street jewellers for many poor examples. I really wanted these cufflinks to be as playful as possible, and am very fussy about the stones we set into the cufflinks, so I managed to source very high quality citrines which are a bright and rich golden yellow.

We use the golden citrine stones in two main ways – as a complement to gold cufflinks, where the gemstone takes on an almost entirely textural role in the cufflink, and as a contrast stone in a silver cufflink.

Madeira citrines are more expensive than golden citrines, and are a deep orange colour. They’re really unusual to see. I love the contrast against silver cufflinks and that has been one of our highest sellers since we introduced it. Its colour is close to the rose gold we use so it takes on a pure textural role in rose gold cufflinks, in the same way as golden citrine with gold cufflinks.

Wearing Citrine Cufflinks

Irrespective of the stone and metal choice, citrine cufflinks are almost always going to act as contrast pieces to your shirt. With that in mind, they work really well with any shirt with blue in. I really like the silver and golden citrine cufflinks with a loud bright printed pattern shirt. The silver cufflinks with madeira citrine look amazing against white – they just ooze confidence.