A Shirt You Can Cycle In

Since the launch one of the common questions has been about the choices behind our men's shirts and women's shirts; about what makes them any different to a standard shirt.

The shirts began life for cycle commuting, but through testing, feedback and development are now “a shirt you can cycle in” rather than “a shirt made for cycling”.

This means they are more fashion than activewear – there are no reflective patches, no man-made technical wicking fabric, and no hidden pockets. Instead we focus on style and equality, specialising in double cuff shirts for women as well as men. 

I worked on a theory that following body shape and building in tolerances for body movements would make a shirt that felt more like my favourite t-shirt but looked like an office shirt. Based on that premise, all decisions were guided by aesthetic (must look smart), and function (must be comfortable for all daily work tasks – commuting by bike/ tube, working at a desk and socialising).

Curved Yoke:

I wanted to move my shoulders and neck without the shirt bunching at the back.

I found that by curving the yoke to follow the upper back more accurately eliminated this material bunching and gave a more elegant profile, especially when sitting. It also improved comfort as it moved more naturally with my body.

Natural drape:

I also wanted to be comfortable through my full range of movements from sitting, bending and standing.

By building on the curved yoke, I was able to drape material to achieve a natural tailored look without darts on the back. This uninterrupted material retained the most stretch and flow, and looked better for a wider range of different body shapes.

Two Piece Sleeve

I wanted comfort when bending and rotating my arms.

By creating a two-piece sleeve with a slight curve, similar to a suit jacket, the sleeve sits more naturally on the arm, moves better, and feels more comfortable for longer.

Finally I added features I think should be standard on all shirts:

Longer back:

Good for cycle commuting, excellent for sitting at a desk without becoming untucked too.

Triple pleated cuffs:

For a roomy sleeve and a fitted arm.

Removable collar stays:

For a sharper collar.

Ethical production:

A good choice for you and for others.