Hasso Fashion Launch!


This month Hasso Fashion will launch its first products: ultra-comfortable elegant commuting shirts for men and women, and upcycled bicycle chain cufflinks. Arriving at this point has been an enjoyable journey of discovery, though like all journeys worth taking, it has had its challenges.

My love of detail meant reaching this stage required learning intricacies ranging from understanding how material performs, to plating bike chains, to auditing factories, and working with GS1 compliant barcoding; and has at various times been exciting, edifying, and an exercise in tedium.

A button showroom. Crafters heaven!

A button showroom. Crafters heaven!

The result is pleasing. A knowledge and confidence in the processes and product which means the company, or maybe really, I, feel ready for this and the next steps. Over the next few weeks we will be adding more products, photographs and video to the site. We welcome your comments either direct or through any of our social media channels. Thank you for reading, and taking these first steps with us.