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Bike Chain Cufflinks, CYCLING JEWELLERY


Double Cuff Shirts

Luxury Cycling Style


Double Cuff Shirts

Women’s white double cuff shirt
Men’s double cuff shirt cycling
Men’s blue double cuff shirt

Men’s and Women’s Double Cuff Shirts

We specialise in double cuff shirts which perfectly suit our bike chain cufflinks. Our double cuff shirts are available for men and women, they are also available in a button cuff option.

Our shirts let you move more freely, and are better for long days of travelling, working and socialising. They keep their shape and make you feel more stylish and more comfortable because they are ergonomically designed to follow your movements. Our women’s shirts are tailored for a flattering shape, and come in a double cuff shirt option so you can accessorise with your choice of cufflinks to add to your unique style. 

We create our mens and womens shirts with your movement in mind, using a combination of beautiful materials, unique design features, and the highest quality production, to give the perfect contemporary style.


Cycling Jewellery

Silver bike chain earrings with malachite

Coming soon: Definitive luxury jewellery for cyclists.

Earrings and necklaces made from bicycle chain. Plated in precious metal, set with gemstones. You’ve never seen a chain like it.