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51 Murrayfields
Newcastle upon Tyne, England, NE27 0RD
United Kingdom

0191 645 9988

Welcome To Hasso Fashion. Our Cufflinks Are Made From Bike Chain And Inlaid With Gems. Our Ergonomic Shirts Have Incredible Movement And Are Made From A Bespoke Material. Shop Now.


Hasso Fashion | Mens and Womens Shirts, and Bike Chain Cufflinks

Buy ergonomically designed mens and womens shirts and gold, rose gold and silver plated bike chain cufflinks made in the UK. Shop with Hasso Fashion now!

Ergonomically Designed Men's and Women's Shirts
Jewelled Bike Chain Cufflinks

The Finest Technical Design

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At Hasso Fashion we make mens shirts, womens shirts, and gold, rose gold and silver cufflinks. 

Mens and Womens Shirts

Our button cuff and double cuff shirts let you move more freely, and are better for long days of travelling, working and socialising. They  keep their shape and make you feel more stylish and more comfortable because they are ergonomically designed to follow your movements. Our womens shirts are tailored for a flattering shape, and come in a double cuff shirt option so you can accessorise with your choice of cufflinks to add to your unique style. 

We create our mens and womens shirts with your movement in mind, using a combination of beautiful materials, unique design features, and the highest quality production, to give the perfect contemporary style.

Gold, Rose Gold and Silver Cufflinks

Each pair of silver cufflinks uses a thick layer of silver and is finished in rhodium to avoid tarnishing. Pair your silver cufflinks with one of our slim fit shirts for a modern look. 

Our rose gold cufflinks add a touch of extravagance to any shirt sleeve, wear them with a dark blue shirt, or accessorise your best work shirt with rose gold cufflinks for an amazing flash of colour.

Gold cufflinks give a classic look that works with whatever you're wearing to create a formal and confident style. Our gold cufflinks with golden citrine ooze class, and our gold cufflinks with amethyst are a divine pairing.

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